Rémi Le Priol

Ph.D. Candidate
Mila, Université de Montréal

About me

Winter 2022 update: As I am completing my Ph.D., I am looking for a job to apply my skills and technical appetite to the goal of preserving conditions of human life on Earth.

In my Ph.D. I explored ideas ranging from causality to physics and optimization, with the general purpose of making deep learning more robust. I was lucky to benefit from the supervision of Simon Lacoste-Julien and Yoshua Bengio. I also got the opportunity to work on these topics at Facebook AI Research with Léon Bottou. I enjoy science, especially when it relies on beautiful mathematics or when it is made accessible with appropriate illustrations, and I am striving to make this true in my own research. You can find my full list of publications on Google Scholar.

Short bio: I grew up and studied in Paris area, most notably at Ecole Polytechnique (X2013) and M2 MVA , before starting my Ph.D. in 2018. Details in my resume. Whether in or out of research, I enjoy truthfully relating to my fellow human beings, which often takes the form of acroyoga, or non-violent communication.

Some projects I care about

DualSnakes an interactive visualization I build on during Summer 2020. It illustrates projective duality and its connection to Fenchel duality, by displaying the dual of any curve drawn by the user.

DualityViz an interactive visualization I built during Spring 2020's lockdown. It aims at providing intuitions for convex duality, by showcasing the algebraic formulas on preset or user-provided examples, with a particular focus on the space-slope duality.

SDCA4CRF During the year 2017 I worked on an optimization algorithm for a structured prediction model called CRF. Along the way I found out a way to systematically improve the convergence speed of the algorithm SDCA by sampling data points adaptively.

bitstring-knitting a visual inspection of distances applied to bit strings.

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